Photo Cred: Jordan Chan Photography
Photo Credit: Jordan Chan Photography

“Before working with Brittany on modeling and confidence on stage, I had always just been good enough to get by. After I worked with her once, I was hooked! She helped create a confidence in me that I never knew could exist. I was no longer afraid of modeling swimsuit on the Miss America stage, but was excited to show the world what she had taught me! I got to put that hard work to use on national television too! I can’t thank Brittany enough for her encouragement, advice, and support throughout my journey as Miss North Carolina and at Miss America. The confidence I gained through working with Brittany still helps me now in auditions, and in performing professionally!

Brittany Crews knows her stuff and I would encourage EVERYONE to RUN to her for assistance!!”

Hailey Best | Miss NC 2011, Top 15 finalist Miss America

Photo Credit: Matt Boyd Photography

“I came to Brittany prepared and focused to win my state title. This was my one and only shot at competing because I chose to wait for various personal reasons. I did tons of research on pageant coaching and knew I couldn’t have a team without The Finishing Touch. Working with Brittany was one of the best decisions I could have ever made. My initial purpose of working with her was to polish my pageant skills and consult with her about wardrobe, and she certainty helped me do that, but by the end of my journey I realized I gained so much more than that. I gained skills I have now carried into my professional workplace and use as the founder of my own non-profit that has partnered with NC Department of Education- Dropout Prevention and the National Dropout Prevention Network. Because of her I now have a resume that stands second to none in the corporate business and educational realm, the confidence to conquer any life experience, and most importantly a mentor and confidant that I know I can call on at any time for advise or assistance with any obstacle I may face. Yes, Brittany shared with me her experiences with competition, how to compete and how to win- but the techniques she worked with me on are not limited to just the pageant world. You want her on your team, not only because of her success rate but because consulting should go far beyond your expectations and that’s what you get with Brittany. Trust, Truth and Sparkle- that’s what every girl dreams of, right?!”

 Rachel Chavez | Miss Garner 2015, Miss NC Pageant Non-Finalist Talent Award and Dana Reason Community Service Award- 2nd RU

Photo Credit: Jordan Chan Photography

“There is a reason why I always have chosen to SING in pageants— moving gracefully onstage has never been my strongest suit! Fortunately, however, I had the excellent opportunity to work with Brittany Crews on modeling techniques before I headed to Miss America. I left for Las Vegas feeling more confident than ever before thanks to her expertise and attention to detail. From my new-found poise in evening wear to the extra spice she helped me infuse into my swimsuit walk, working with Brittany really did the trick! Thanks to Brittany, I felt fierce and fabulous on the Miss America stage!”

Arlie Honeycutt | Miss NC 2012, Non-Finalist Talent Award Miss America


IMG_1273I can feel myself growing and developing into the best person I can be and part of that is because of your help. You are awesome and thank you for everything you do! *tears in eyes*(literally)

Shanice Street | Miss Shelby 2015