5 Pillars of Pageant Sparkle eBook

5 Pillars of Pageant Sparkle


“Sparkle.” It’s a word that we use in the pageant world often. “Be sure to sparkle up there!” “She just has that extra sparkle, you know?” “Sparkle, baby, sparkle!”

How the heck do you get your pageant sparkle? Is it something that just comes natural to us? Are we born with it? Do you just have it… or you don’t?

Pageant sparkle is something that can be taught. These 5 Pillars lay out the fundamentals that pageant contestants should focus on and strive to perfect in order to really sparkle on stage (and off the stage).

The one thing that I have always admired pageant contestants for is their ability to walk into a room and turn heads. Not just because of their looks, but because of their ability to sparkle.

So let’s get down to it!

5 Important Tips You’ll Learn

  1. Personal Development is the first step to finding your pageant sparkle. It is something that comes from within, so that is where we will start.
  2. Branding is key to sparkling at your next pageant. What will make the judges remember you? If your personal brand is all over the place, it will be hard for them to envision placing the crown on your head.
  3. Communication Skills are absolutely necessary to your pageant sparkle. You have a great story to tell. We want to make sure the judges hear it!
  4. Stage Presence is the finishing touch to your pageant sparkle. The smallest tips, tricks, and tweaks can really make a difference in whether or not you stand out amongst the crowd.
  5. Image tops it all off! Defining your image and carrying through with that vision will help you sparkle at your next pageant.


hannah-welborn-lewis“Having the chance to work with The Finishing Touch really enabled me to reach my full potential. I truly felt confident walking into my recent pageants. Brittany is great at recognizing one’s strengths and making sure that you put your best foot forward.  Her advice and wisdom have not only helped in my pageant career, but also in my everyday life.” 

Hannah Welborn-Lewis 2016 Rhododendron Queen

5 Pillars of Pageant Sparkle


About The Author

cropped-img_2616.jpgBrittany DiCello is your pageant mentor and the owner of The Finishing Touch Consulting. She combines her 20+ years of pageant experience and B.A. in Human Relations and Communication from High Point University, along with the skills she has learned while building an over 6 year career in the professional speaking and training industry to bring out the best in her clients. Brittany is a self-­proclaimed personal development junkie, and it is her passion to not only help young women win a crown, but also to gain confidence and empower them to do great things with their own strengths and passions.