“Be so good they can’t ignore you.”

A welcome message from Coach, Brittany Crews DiCello

Is this your first pageant? Maybe you have competed several times and just can’t get past first runner-up? Even if you have taken home a crown or two, it’s hard to stay on top and you want to continue that success. The Finishing Touch Consulting can help you perfectly polish your pageant skills for success:

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Photo Cred: Jordan Chan Photography“Before working with Brittany on modeling and confidence on stage, I had always just been good enough to get by. After I worked with her once, I was hooked! She helped create a confidence in me that I never knew could exist. I was no longer afraid of modeling swimsuit on the Miss America stage, but was excited to show the world what she had taught me! I got to put that hard work to use on national television too! I can’t thank Brittany enough for her encouragement, advice, and support throughout my journey as Miss North Carolina and at Miss America. The confidence I gained through working with Brittany still helps me now in auditions, and in performing professionally! Brittany Crews knows her stuff and I would encourage EVERYONE to RUN to her for assistance!!”

Hailey Best | Miss NC 2011, Top 15 finalist Miss America


“There is a reason why I always have chosen to SING in pageants— moving gracefully onstage has never been my strongest suit! Fortunately, however, I had the excellent opportunity to work with Brittany Crews on modeling techniques before I headed to Miss America. I left for Las Vegas feeling more confident than ever before thanks to her expertise and attention to detail. From my new-found poise in evening wear to the extra spice she helped me infuse into my swimsuit walk, working with Brittany really did the trick! Thanks to Brittany, I felt fierce and fabulous on the Miss America stage!”

 Arlie Honeycutt | Miss NC 2012, Non-Finalist Talent Award Miss America